Sedbergh People's Hall

Registered charity No. 523829 

Making a Booking


To make a booking first check that your desired date, time and facility is available using the Availability Calendar

Information, T&Cs and Health & Safety

Please make sure you read the Information for Hirers and the Terms and Conditions documents and additional Covid-19 documents before making your booking. Please also read the health & safety document which describes the operational requirements on hirers to meet our Health & Safety Statement

Electronic Booking Form

If you have MS Word 2010 or later you can use the electronic form. Download the form, open it in Word, complete it, save it, then email it to This form may also be printed and completed by hand, then scanned and emailed back, or handed in to Sedbergh Information Centre.

Paper Booking Forms

Blank paper forms are available from Sedbergh Information Centre, 72 Main Street, Sedbergh LA10 5AD. Forms are kept in People's Hall tray in the back office. Please ask the volunteer on duty to provide a form and to put it in the tray when completed. Please then email to let us know that you have done so.

Supplying Alcohol

If you wish to supply alcohol (that includes giving it away, not just selling it) you must fill out a Notice to Supply Alcohol and submit it at least a month in advance. Please complete an electronic, PDF or paper form as required and submit with your booking form. We reserve the right to ask for a £100 returnable damage deposit.


An invoice will be issued once your booking has been accepted. If possible please pay by bank transfer. Cash or cheques should be put in an envelope marked People's Hall and left at Sedbergh Information Centre

If you have any queries about payments please email